Lily & Lime

Brand Launch

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Lily & Lime is an easy and affordable wedding photography service company reinmagining the way wedding photographers and lovers connect.
I lead creative direction for the launch of the brand, from identity to web to video and beyond.
Agency: Torque Digital
Creative Direction: JP Ramirez
Design: JP Ramirez, Ben Ludwig, Drue McCurdy, Lena Masek, Javad Khadivi
UI/UX: Ben Ludwig, JP Ramirez, Lena Masek
Video Editing + Animation: Javad Khadivi, Alex Doyle
Photos images: Lily & Lime

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The mark itself is clean and straightforward, set with an approachable typeface.



The mark incorporates several symbols we felt were close to the brand: the literal imagery of “lily” and “lime”, and also heart and circular shapes to represent love and harmony.

Depending on the application, multiple orientations were created.



Dalton Maag’s Plume typeface was chosen for it’s slightly quirky personality, which held true to the positioning of being an informal, fun, and budget-friendly brand. It’s overall cleanliness and modern styling also represented the new wedding photo process the brand is bringing to the market.


A green-heavy color palette was developed to be fresh, lively, and not your conventional wedding colors.





With the website itself being the main product, careful consideration was given to the user flow, while continuing the lively and fun branding┬ásystem. The “lily” and “lime” images become branding elements used throughout the site.






We also created a brand on-boarding video for new customers to easily understand how the process worked. A storyline and set of characters were developed and styled to fit the aesthetics of the brand.