Radiohead MMXVI

A Moon Shaped Pool Tour Poster

Poster design concept for Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool Tour (2016).
Conceived independently from the album artwork.
Serving as an interpretation of the artists' music.
Printing: To come.

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This poster concept blends the physical and organic, with digital and structured imagery. The artists exceptionally blend traditional analog instruments with electronic compositions to create a harmoniously atmospheric experience. The initial idea started with photographing cooked animal fats left to render and coagulate, then distorting and cropping to a celestial composition. This served as an “analog” component.


A custom typeface was designed under rigid structural parameters: each letter must fit into a 3-unit by 5-unit space—which is the absolute minimum cell structure I could achieve without completely losing legibility of the letterforms. They serve as a digital distillation of language. The entire typographic composition mimics much of the clutter of the organic form, despite being completely structured.