Stay Woke


“Stay Woke, derived from the phrase ‘stay awake,’ is an Internet slang term often used to demonstrate the need for awareness of an issue, particularly those relating to social justice... The term is also used ironically in a similar manner to ‘Wake up, Sheeple’.”
—, a web archive of internet slang

In current times of turmoil, indecision, and opposing views, now more than ever there is a need for society to be mindful of what is being said and done in our world. The idea of being woke or aware, particularly—but certainly not exclusively—pertains to our changing political landscape. Executed in large propaganda-like letters constructed from 34,000 googly eyes, this piece commands its statement to the viewer. Typographically, each letter is constructed from a rigid grid system of proportional squares and circles, creating a structural backbone to its natural script embellishment. Debuted in Typeforce 8 show, now exhibited publicly at Block 37 through the Chicago Design Museum.

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